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How to drop up to 11 TIMES as many
HUCKLEBERRIES into your bucket
in the same HOUR-
while making FEWER gas guzzling trips
into the woods


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I am going to share this closely guarded little secret, one that commercial wild huckleberry pickers have known for decades:


-- some very simple tools, will turn wild berry picking
-- especially HUCKLEBERRY picking --
into fun,  instead of drudgery!

Huckleberry Rake Picker


  • After a COUPLE MINUTES, you can lightly shake your huckleberry rake and see a FULL cup of berries in the bottom of the "well" ... try to do that picking by hand!
  • Stay for a typical three- or four-hour huckleberry picking session, and deliver enough huckleberries to your freezer for a FULL YEAR of jam, a pie, flajacks and ice cream ... without rationing (like we huckleberry hounds typically do)!
  • Enjoy NEW HUCKLEBERRY RECIPES -- since you will have more huckleberries to play with!
  • Bragging rights for your new status as a MASTER huckleberry picker! ("Where did you find ALL THOSE HUCKLEBERRIES?!", he or she will ask, as you swagger!) 
  • Save money on GAS, with fewer trips to the woods (not to mention, less wear and tear on your tires and vehicle)!
  • The possibility of making some extra spending money, selling extra huckleberries at farmers markets; or to neighbors, restaurants, produce stands, and processors.
  • Save money on Christmas gifts (everybody likes huckleberry goodies)! But of course, you may not give them away... you'll make the mistake of tasting, before wrapping. And probably keep them for yourself!  
  • More time to pursue your favorite outdoor or indoor hobbies!
  • Fewer "fumble fingers"... if you drop a lot of berries while handpicking (like I do), OR if your digit dexterity is no longer what it once was, or even if you (or someone you love) is getting arthritic... a picker is a great way to level the playing field!

I have to tell you first that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands along with other places. The rake was a life saver allowing me to pick for a longer period of time   with out much pain in my hands. I also picked three times as much!

I recommend this to anyone with arthritis in their hands to make picking berries more enjoyable and A LOT quicker.

Angela Ordway
Spokane, Washington

  • Works on other ROUND berry species. I've tried the pickers on blueberries, elderberries, currants, and service berries (also called Saskatoon, sarvice, June, or prairie berries). This picking tool is certainly OPTIMIZED for wild huckleberry species found in the Pacific Northwest. (And works pretty well on wild currants.) But with some practice, this huckleberry tool will work on other roundies, with not quite as much advantage. For example, most blueberries tend to hang in clumps... makes them just a bit harder to keep some from popping out of any kind of picker (and easier to pick by hand, than huckleberries). Plus there is often a large percentage of green berries in a clump... so waiting until most of the fruits are ripe is important. With elderberries, not only are the berries in clumps, but the bushes tend to be VERY tall, so the biggest problem was raking over your head... with berries flying everywhere. Takes a little practice to make these effective. I have gotten VERY positive feedback about the rakes for picking cranberries and pie cherries. Good, but not gushing, response from blueberry pickers in Michigan who say that the wire tine model works best. A guy in Canada is trying out the huck picker on large patches of Saskatoons (aka June berries, service berries, sarvis berries, prairie berries) this year, but the preliminary feedback is positive. Please let me know of any successes or failures you experience with other species (e.g. cranberries) ... regardless, these tools do a FANTASTIC job with common huckleberry and bilberry species found in Idaho, Montana, California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alberta. We are also selling lots of them to England, most lower Canadian provinces, and even to states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maine, New Jersey, and the Virginia's, without getting any back, so somebody must be using these berry pickers successfully on different species (including and especially eastern huckleberries).

Huckleberry Crop Forecast! 

  • 2008 was perhaps the best huckleberry crop year since 1994. And 2009 turned out to be even better. (By contrast, 2010 was one of the WORST seasons I've ever seen.) 2011 and 2012 were decent, but not quite up to what we expected.
  • We experienced a highly variable crop in 2013. Some areas got lots of snow, some were highly deficient. We had a fairly cool and wet spring, and then some unseasonably warm weather in early May. The last frost we got here, was the night of April 30/May1, which is good for the berry crop (we usually get a frost a week or 10 days later, which tends to nip the buds on the current years growth. Soooo, the crop was very good in LOCALIZED areas, and very bad in other areas, and everything in between. We suggest scouting long and hard for good patches, before they are ripe.
  • UPDATE: Through August, we got a good to very good season in 2013. Good picking is patchy, as we predicted, but lots of hucks, in lots of areas, including some areas that usually do not get good crops. Usually, with high summer heat, the season is short, but the huckleberries seem to hang on longer than expected.
  • Do some scouting, and stay on top of the situation, is our best suggestion for filling your freezer! Oh, and with the questionable season, you DO want to invest in a huckleberry rake, as that will make your trips MUCH more productive.
  • 2014! We had a weird winter in much of the Pacific Northwest... not much winter until February when it really came down, and was cold... this was good for our beloved hucks, and probably laid down enough snow to protect the sprouts when they start budding out... late frosts in May are still a danger. Wet weather continues into March and April, so... ground should be moist to support berry growth, tempered by whether we get prolonged, super-hot summer weather, as we sometimes get...


So, what do serious "huckleberry hounds" say about Huckleberry RAKES?


Roy Baldwin
Real Estate Investor and Huckleberry Pickin' Fool!
Harrison, Idaho

"Picking huckleberries is MUCH easier with huckleberry 'rakes' ...
plus I don't end up with splotchy purple fingers!

"Most people can pick for 3 or 4 hours before they get tired,
and come home with maybe one -- or if they are really fast -- two gallons
of huckleberries. With a well designed huckleberry rake,
I come home with up to ten or eleven gallons
in that same amount of time.
Even if the berries are crappy [not very thick or very big],
I can still get 4 to 6 gallons.

"A huckleberry rake pays for itself, several times over,
the first time you use it!

"And with practice, you can make a nice little side income
during huckleberry season (or longer if you own a freezer) --
or like me, keep them all for yourself,
and a few birthday and holiday gifts to friends!

Disclaimer: Roy is an experienced huckleberry picker.
Your personal results with huckleberry rakes may vary
depending upon level of frustration tolerance, current medications,
mosquito population, and whether you remembered toilet paper
(I know I am not very funny, but I try sooo hard!)

Below is a brief video clip of Roy using a huckleberry rake near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. As you can see, this is NOT hard work. Although Roy makes it look a little easier than it is, when you are starting out. The video gives you a feel for how to use both hands in tandem to pick most effectively. Towards the end of the clip, you will see a huckleberry branch that gets bound up... Roy just backs it out with his other hand, to avoid stripping the stem of leaves -- which would of course, also end up in your bucket:

Huckleberry Rakes Field Testing!

In 2007, we went out and purchased EVERY huckleberry or blueberry "rake" model we could find. And when huckleberry season rolled around, we went out and field tested all nine.

Some were heavy. Some were light. Some were works of rustic, backcountry art... tributes to the handiwork skills of rural craftspeople. Some were DANGEROUS -- pointy tines, that could impale someone - seriously! Some were made from "parts" that are no longer available. Some came in one color or finish, while others came painted in choice of yellow, purple, or green. In aggregate, they ranged in price from $25 to $65 -- most were in the $40 to $50 range... plus shipping and handling.

And believe it or not, one of the more interesting huckleberry rakes was not even available online! You had to mail them a check, and two or three weeks later, there it came. I had no doubt those people were honest, but doggone... best to order early!

Most rakes WERE for sale online... but for three of these "web site" models ... no shopping cart! They did not take credit cards -- online OR offline! Again, you called and left a message, waited for a call-back, waited again for another call-back with the shipping amount, mailed a check, and a week to ten days later, your picking tool arrived.

One welding company in eastern Washington state, reputed to make huckleberry rakes, never did returned multiple phone calls.

If you ever shopped online for a huckleberry rake prior to today, you probably know what I am talking about!

Anyway, after our field trials, where we took each picker and played around with wrist action, weight, raking efficiency, and safety, we came up with two models that were CLEARLY superior.

One is the model we are offering for sale from the links on this page. The other, actually, is no longer for sale -- and has not been for some time. We only knew about it because a friend of mine, who is a serial huckleberry plunderer, had a couple of the picking tools in his bag of huckleberry tricks, and loaned me one for the field trials.

Apparently, this other design was sold for several years by an older gentleman around Spokane, Washington, at farmers markets and similar venues. The tines were make of thin welding rods, perfectly spaced, and the "well" was made from a rounded square, aluminum, Hormel ham can... if you are old enough to remember those.

(If anyone knows who this person was, please send contact information our direction, as I would like to meet him, and shake his hand, if he is still with us.)

OK, the Field Trials Convinced Me... Let's BOOGIE to the ORDER FORM!

And now, the descriptive moment you've been waiting for! (Please imagine hearing a drum roll, as I do not know enough about online technology to make a drum roll audio sound happen on a web page.)


Huckleberry Picking Rake

We went out and found the manufacturer of our winning entry, purchased a large volume of inventory (now up to three pallet loads at a time), and are making that model available for your huckleberry picking enjoyment.

Let's go over why our huckleberry rakes BEAT OUT the rest of the competition, hands down!:

  • With an extremely light weight of 14.1 ounces, the average person could pick for hours with no or little wrist soreness. Tied for lightest weight, due to construction materials and design, of all the rakes.
  • The handle just feels ... PERFECT! I don't know how else to say it. ALL of the other models use a standard type of handle you might find in a hardware store... but this one just FITS your hand, comfortably, regardless of the size of your hand.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN... you know, I am not completely sure what that means. But if you play with this tool, in the first two seconds, you know this product was MADE to encourage your wrist to make short, soft, but crisp strokes. The rakes sway backward and forward naturally, as your wrist rolls gently back and forth!
  • Several of the huckleberry rakes did not offer much of a "well" or reservoir -- used for holding huckleberries inside the picker, until you dump the load into a larger container. For others (including one model, where a coffee can was the primary foundation), the well was WAY too big to be practical. Huckleberries add a lot of weight - about 4 or 5 ounces per cup - and really slow down your wrist motion as the rake fills. This is the "Goldilocks" feature of THE models we offer you... the reservoir size is "Just Right!" After 2 to 4 cups of huckleberries (which doubles the weight of the tool in your hand), you are "full" and need to invert and pour into your larger "holding" container. (And as a bonus to your purchase, we will recommend a specific type of field container perfectly designed for dumping huckleberries into! You will find the info on a web site, listed on the side of your rake, when it arrives!) 


  • As you may have asked yourself by now... what happens to the berries already IN your huckleberry tool reservoir, when you are raking back and forth? Do the berries roll back out? Again, some of the rakes DO, and some do NOT, offer an "anti-backwash" feature. Usually this is a "mini-wall" located just a little ways behind the front tips of the teeth or tines, and coming half-way across the opening into the well, and angled back to allow huckleberries to roll in... but not out. And of course, THE huckleberry rakes featured on this page, offer that cool feature.
  • Pricing! A big relief...this was the LEAST EXPENSIVE model, of all the huckleberry rakes we tested. Makes our job SOOOO much easier, if we can save you money, along with the superior design!
  • Rounded tines do the LEAST potential damage to huckleberry bushes! While the plants will drop leaves anyway, within a couple weeks to a couple months, after you pick... no point in ripping the leaves, or scratching the thin bark on the branch tips.
  • The wire tines (or teeth) are PERFECTLY spaced for huckleberries, on the winning model. AND with rounded points on the tines, this was the SAFEST of all the huckleberry rake designs we tested. By far! Some of the other good designs used small diameter welding rods, which, while not dangerous, still required a little caution. Others had long, sharpened steel points... nasty!

 Huckleberry Picking Rakes

  • One feature the winning rake had, that NO OTHER PICKING TOOL came with, was an underside of well spaced wires (part of the tine design - see above), to keep huckleberries in -- and let the leaves fall out. You do collect a fair amount of leaves using a huckleberry rake (but fewer as you gain experience). With the open bottom feature, you can "shake the rake" (hey, I'm a poet!... although not a very good one) and let leaves fall out... you won't get them all out, but it helps!


huckleberry picker plastic tines teeth

  • The alternative version, with the plastic tines (NO LONGER AVAILABLE), does not offer as much open space on the underside of the rake, so is not effective for shaking out leaves. However, pickers in some areas report this model is better for patches with very small berries (less likely to fall through), such as those found in Wyoming and southeast Idaho, near the Utah border. Also, at 10.6 ounces, this model is a whopping 3.5 ounces (24.8%) lighter than even the wire model... great for young-uns, those with smaller wrists, and for LONG picking days. We tried out this version in our original field testing in 2007, and could detect no difference in performance, compared to the metal wire tine version. And, we are told by a customer, that the plastic tine model is dishwasher safe, as well! (Thanks to Austin Morse, of Whitefish, Montana, for passing along that little tidbit!... Austin, did you enjoy the huckleberry coffee I sent as a thank you?) 
  • I do want to point out that the blueberry fanatics do say the wire tine version works better, which does not surprise me. The metal tines just do a better job pulling through clumps.
  • Just one more note on the difference between the metal wire versus stiff plastic tines... I actually prefer the "feel" of the rake with plastic tines while raking just slightly over the wire tine model. And since the plastic is slightly more giving, if you are raking with a light touch (and I hope you are) it seems to be a bit easier to back out, away from leaves, if you start to snag up. Of course, the more pliable plastic teeth are just a bit more likely to fling a berry over the top of the tool... definitely annoying. The wire model does feel a bit more sturdy. Anyway, two good choices, many people get one of each, and develop a preference over time. Most people prefer the wire tine rake, but one person ordered one of each, and returned the WIRE rake (and kept the plastic one). So obviously they are both quite functional.

So, we bring you THE PERFECT RAKE, eh?

Not so fast! We must be honest. One feature that some of the other picking tools came with, was a "shield" built above the front opening of the reservoir, just in front of the handle. Sometimes when you rake, those doggone little round berries will pop into the air a bit, and fly right over the top of your picker. Annoying as all get out! Prepare to turn the air around you a bit blue, as you voice your displeasure!

Our model does not offer this feature, we apologize. For the models that did offer a shield, most of those wayward huckleberries would hit the shield, and roll down into the well. Since our model does not come with a shield, it does behoove you to rake with the picker a bit more slowly... which is a GOOD THING. You are less likely to damage the huckleberry bush!

(But, if you want one of those four-pound coffee-can picking rakes - WITH a shield - that will hold another whoppin' four pounds of huckleberries, contact us and we will send you their direction. But get out your checkbook -- kinda pricey! And if you can handle that rake for three hours of picking, remind me to NOT shake your hand...)

So, this rake wins. But it's not perfect, nothing is. But we are absolutely SURE we discovered, and are making available to you, the BEST huckleberry picking solution on planet earth (not even counting the favorable pricing)... or we will cheerfully refund your money, no questions asked!


What Do Past Customers Say About the HUCKLEBERRY RAKE?

Thank you for your prompt response to my order!

I tested your (huckleberry rake) product

and found it everything you said it would be.

We bumped into one of our
at the post office
and told him how well the rake works.
[He] wanted the web address, so I think
you will be getting another order shortly.

I am looking forward to reviewing your demo videos,
but I already
 picked a gallon of huckleberries
on my first outing.

George (and ViAnne) Compton
Real Estate Broker
Santa, Idaho

They (the rakes) are awesome!!

Everybody loves them!
My sister-in-law loaned hers to a neighbor
and then all the other neighbors borrowed it.

I'm sure you will be getting more orders.

I also showed it to my local nursery and he is interested in ordering for next year's season....”

Richard Yaski
Little River, California

Owner,  Shibui  Sculpture  Garden

Sculpture Instructor


I purchased your rake last week
and headed up behind Wallace, Idaho to do some picking.

I recommend this (huckleberry rake) to anyone ... to make picking berries more enjoyable and A LOT quicker.

Plus it does no damage to the bush! You have perfected this product ten fold. Thank you!

Angela Ordway
Spokane, Washington

Just purchased a rake from you a week ago.
It works great, a little more leaves and sticks,
but way more berriesI really am getting
3-4 times the amount of berries
in the same time frame as before.

Thanks for a good product!

Sussex, New Jersey

A great big THANK YOU!!!

I ordered my two huckleberry rakes (late) Friday
they were shipped Saturday,
and I got them today, Monday!

Awesome!!!! I can still use them on this year's crop!

Thank you so very much for the

expedited service. Greatly appreciated!

Debbie Cernick

The HUCKLEBERRY RAKE special offer -- here is what you get: 

At $24.95 per rake, you are getting the lowest price huckleberry picking tool among the nine we tested. And we are holding the price steady for this last year in 2014... next year, the price will go up. That's about what a HALF GALLON of huckleberries costs, during picking season... IF you can find any to buy! You will recover the cost of your rake in the FIRST HOUR OR TWO OF PICKING... even if you are a newbie!

We ship via Priority Mail, and shipments usually go out within two business days, guaranteed (subject to inventory on hand) during huckleberry season, so your rakes are in your hand quickly. Priority Mail from our location in North Central Idaho, is tyically one day to Idaho locations north of Riggins, and to eastern Washington state. Two days to the Boise area and western Washington. Three days for most other US locations. To be safe, please add a day to these estimates. But we will always do the best we can! (Additional note, orders of more than six rakes are may sent via FedEx Ground...let is know if you have a preference on larger orders!) Orders to Canada usually take 10 days to 2 weeks, and 2 to 3 weeks to the United Kingdom.

I like how prompt you are in shipping;
it makes a lot of difference to me!

Minnette Hedges

(Shipments to Idaho addresses... do not forget -- 6% sales tax will be added to the total; the governor gets cranky if we don't collect.)

$8.95 to Idaho and neighboring states of Montana, Washington, and Oregon. To other states, the price slowly rises to 10.95 and then up to a maximum of $15.95 to the lower 48, or $19.95 to Alaska or Hawaii... (sorry, the Post Office charges more for longer distances, so we adjusted for that!)

But, since we ship flat rate, SHIPPING IS FREE (no extra charge) on your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th
(or more) rakes
 (but not on the entire order, sorry) to the same shipping address! Outfit your spouse or even the entire family, along with your camping, fishing, or hunting buddies.

Shipping has gone up a lot in the last couple years, but we are holding steady with flat rate (we often lose money on shipping, if you order four or more in one shipment).

Or introduce newbies to the art and sport of huckleberry picking! (HAH! Almost as good as snipe hunting!)

(PS International Priority Mail shipping is flat rate $35 to Canada, $53 to United Kingdom... three rakes max per international shipment. Paperwork gets voluminous, and customs fees go up significantly, on international shipments over four pounds. International orders over three rakes are sent in additional parcels, and you will be billed for additional shipping.)

Pay with all four credit cards via PayPal

We take all four major credit cards, via secure server. You have a choice of using Paypal or Stripe as your processor.

AND, for a limited time, we are offering the following bonuses:

  • A free report on how to use your huckleberry rakes for MAXIMUM efficiency. Get the most berries, with the fewest leaves, and avoid newbie mistakes that might damage a huckleberry plant. Find the report at the web site URL mentioned on the side of your huckleberry rake when it arrives.
  • My own personal tip sheet, including more photos and videos, based on years of huckleberry picking, for other tools and materials you want to take along when chasing wild huckleberries. I even have video of the best way to clean huckleberries. Plus the "care and feeding" of your valuable huckleberries for highest quality and even "ease of use", while using them in recipes throughout the year! You will find the tip sheet online, at the same web site as the FREE REPORT, above.
  • Short demonstrations videos of a seasoned huckleberry picker from Clark Fork, Idaho, using a huckleberry picking rake for the VERY FIRST TIME! And now, videos of an experienced "huckleberry hound" who's used rakes for YEARS! (Yup, same web site as above).
  • Every year, we also offer a discount on huckleberry specialty products from our three gourmet food web sites, to all huckleberry rake customers who provide us with an email address ... stay tuned!
  • A FREE huckleberry lip balm (one for each rake!) with our compliments, to protect your lips while out picking in the hot dry weather! (Or, it makes a great gift for your spouse... aren't you the thoughtful one!) Sometimes we add something else too, like a postcard with a huckleberry pie recipe, if we have them in stock.
  • One FREE huckleberry pie postcard with EACH ORDER!

PLUS: Our absolute, no wiggle room, unconditional,
swear with our hand on a huckleberry cookbook,
IRON-CLAD guarantee:

When your huckleberry rake arrives, go online and read our tip sheet and free report, watch the demo videos, and go out and give it a whirl! If you do not feel you paid for the rake, TIMES TWO, with the EXTRA huckleberries you picked on your first outing, send it back, and we will immediately refund your original investment (including shipping!). AND, to partly compensate you for any inconvenience, we will send you a huckleberry coffee, good for one full pot, with our compliments! (Or if you'd rather, and are not a coffee drinker, another huckleberry lip balm -- or wild cherry, if we've run out of the huckleberry balms!)

PS We used to brag that among hundreds of customers, we had YET to get EVEN ONE refund request on our unconditional guarantee! (Note that is not a challenge...;-) However, all good things come to an end. In June 2009 someone from Texas actually did send back their rakes ... in mint condition, at which time we cheerfully refunded their original invoice in full. They tried them on blueberries, which ripen in clumps, and felt they got too many green berries, so went back to hand picking. This is always a problem when using a rake or picking device... you need to wait until most of the little fruits are ripe, as the tines do not discriminate based on color.

In July of 2009, we also got an order back from eastern Idaho, a gentleman with fast fingers who simply preferred picking berries by hand, and was in no hurry to fill his buckets. Again, the credit card charge was immediately reversed in full. (And both got to keep their lip balms, but turned down our kind offer of a thank you gift of huckleberry coffee just for trying the rakes -- neither customer drank coffee - go figure!!!... although one did accept another lip balm by mail!)

In August, we got back two WELL USED rakes from Montana, AFTER huck season, with no explanation, cheerfully refunded in full. And in September, someone from Kalispell, Montana returned a wire tine rake, and kept their plastic tine model (go figure!). We re-imbursed the full price on the metal model, plus half of the shipping. They emailed us a very warm thank you!

Thank you for your assistance with this refund. May God bless you ~ Susan Rodwick

But as we now exceed 2000 happy online customers since we started marketing these fine huckleberry picking tools in July of 2008, only five refunds (well, 4 1/2 actually) is pretty darn good, if I do say so myself!

I especially want to mention that many people are concerned when they order, that the rakes will damage the plants. There are a lot of "urban myths" out there about how these rakes are the kiss of death. Some people even get livid and demeaning about the issue. I can assure you of three things:

  • I would NOT be selling these if they damaged my beloved huckleberries!
  • Commercial blueberry growers have used rakes for decades... if they damaged the plants, do you think they would keep using them?
  • Not a single person who was concerned about damage to the plants has returned a rake... do the math!
  • I have YET to meet a single person who says they damage plants, who HAS ACTUALLY USED A HUCKLEBERRY RAKE!

Much more often, fortunately, people order one tool to start, then after field testing come back for additional huckleberry rakes for a spouse, extended family, friends, social groups -- and a large family and a church group, both ordered a full case of 12!

During our first year offering these specialty instruments, we found they are VERY popular as holiday and birthday gifts! If there is a huckleberry fanatic on your gift list, consider gifting something out of the ordinary, with tremendous utilitarian value -- a huckleberry rake. WE DROP SHIP DIRECT TO YOUR GIFT RECIPIENT FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE!

WHEN SENDING A RAKE AS A GIFT, just remember to put YOUR name and CREDIT CARD BILLING statement address in the BILLING address section, and your lucky gift recipient's postal address in the SHIPPING address section. Also, a free gift card will be included at your request... just fill out the message you want on the card, in the comments or special instructions section, with a TO: and FROM:, and we will do the rest! (Fortunately, my wife's handwriting is better than mine... DO NOT BE ALARMED!)


As I update the site, huckleberry season is fast approaching for 2013. The huckleberry crop was sensational in most states in 2008 and even better in 2009! (2010 sucked, frankly, one of the worst I ever saw, and I predicted the pitiful crop. 2011 and 2012 were so-so.)

In 2011, forecasts were WONDERFUL! Good snow cover, and spring was late, so flowering plants were protected from late frosts. Unfortunately, the cool, wet spring lasted forever, so berries were not ripening. Then, in a blink, weather turned hot and VERY dry - which the berries did not like... fruits were small, and the season was very short. Good crops were spotty. Huckleberries at the higher elevations never seemed to ripen at all. So the mountains of green berries we had June 1, never turned into the great season we anticipated in 2011.

This year looks highly variable... fairly cool spring, then a short unseasonably warm early May... the only nice thing is that the hot weather seems to be bringing more moisture, thunderstorms etc.. so we might be in good shape.

PS Crop reports appreciated! Go to the Contact page at the bottom, and let us know!

Get a rake and take advantage of the season which is coming on fast... the thicker the berries, the higher the multiple of berries you get with rakes, over hand picking. Click on the link below and order now! PS Rake supplies ARE limited for 2013!


  • Malcolm & Sandy
  • Gourmet Innovations LLC
    Tastes of Idaho
    Idaho Redneck Gifts
    Gold Mountain Gourmet

PS SPECIAL BONUS! For everyone who buys a huckleberry rake online and supplies an email address, we now offer FREE access to the International WILD HUCKLEBERRY Association blog! Share recipes, and photos of your huckleberries and huckleberry picking adventures. Get reviews of huckleberry cookbooks, and discounts on gourmet huckleberry goodies and jam making supplies... even discover secrets about the history and ecology of huckleberries (unknown facts that may help you find more huckleberries on your next outing!) Also, articles with tips and tactics on cleaning, and making huckleberry jam and syrup. Even discover the secret of how to GROW huckleberries (yes, it CAN be done) -- the University of Idaho perfected this technique years ago, and offers a short (and free!) PDF publication on this secret!

Click NOW on the link below, to order your HUCKLEBERRY RAKES!

My Tastebuds are TINGLING...
(and my eyes are sore from all this reading!)